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We Will Fight for the Full Value of Your Injuries
No Fees Unless We Win 

  • Medical and hospital bills (including emergency care)
  • ​Ongoing medical treatment (to address any long-term or permanent injuries)
  • ​Pain and suffering
  • ​Other accident-related expenses
Available 24/7
Available 24/7

Compensation in an injury claim or lawsuit

Medical costs

We consult your doctors and other medical experts, plus examine medical bills and records to calculate the cost of your past and future medical expenses. 

Lost wages

Economists may be consulted to calculate future lost earnings if your injuries will prevent you from returning to work in the short- or long-term. 

Ongoing healthcare

This may include physical therapy if you’ve suffered a limb amputation or cognitive therapy if a traumatic brain injury has impacted your speech or memory.

Pain and suffering

These damages are more difficult to quantify but account for factors like loss of enjoyment of life and negative impact on day-to-day activities. 

Before you hire a car accident attorney in Ohio, ask these questions 

Do you focus on motor vehicle accidents like mine?
Do you have a history of significant verdicts and settlements in similar cases?
Does your firm routinely secure verdicts that far surpass the initial settlement offer?

Here's what out clients say


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I presented with a case for malpractice, and the Firm of Ryan LLP agreed to take on my case, even though I was from out of state. The law firm felt they had justification to move forward, and we started to gather all of the information. I had dealt with many law firms in other states for work related issues in the past, and I will emphatically state that the Ryan law firm went above and beyond to mitigate my case. They were very professional in their dealings, and would not be enticed to change their opinions by opposing counsel. I have no question in stating that this firm is a very reputable law firm, and I would use them again without hesitation.


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Tom was my attorney after I was in a car accident (rear ended). The accident caused chronic pain and nerve damage. Tom understood my medical issues very well (honestly probably better than I did!). He took time to answer all my questions and explained it very well. I was extremely impressed with him, he dug into my case and really understood what the issues were and how to get the best outcome for me. The case took some time, but we settled and I’m happy with the outcome. I would definitely recommend him if you’re looking for an attorney


The attorneys at Ryan, LLP have over 50 years of combined experience in the areas of personal injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death litigation. They focus upon civil litigation and appeals and have represented thousands of clients throughout their careers.

Daniel Ryan

Daniel J. Ryan is an attorney at Ryan, LLP. He has over 40 years of experience in litigation and resolving disputes in favor of his clients. He is well-known throughout Northern Ohio for his experience and success in civil litigation.

Thomas Ryan

Thomas P. Ryan is an attorney at Ryan, LLP. He graduated from Cleveland Marshall College of Law in 2007 and has practiced civil litigation since passing the Ohio State Bar Exam. Prior to law school, Tom was involved in software programming and worked at several large corporations, including IBM and Sprint. 

Why Choose Ryan LLP ?

Our injury lawyers know that the damages that stem from an accident can extend far beyond mere physical injuries. The medical bills, lost income and psychological damages can be devastating. Our Cleveland personal injury attorneys will work with you to determine the best way to present your case in court and ensure that you receive all the damages you deserve to cover your losses. 
We believe that each of our clients deserve a lawyer with the know-how to fight for the damages they deserve to cover any and all losses they may have incurred after their accident.  
  • Medical and hospital bills (including emergency care);
  • Ongoing medical treatment (to address any long-term or permanent injuries);
  • Lost income (both past and future income, including your injuries’ impact on your ability to continue working or advance in your chosen field);
  • ​Compensation to address permanent disfigurement or disability (such as severe scarring or paralysis); 


Immediate advice from an award-winning accident attorney
Medical appointments scheduled and rental vehicle arranged
Peace of mind knowing you have the best advocates on your side
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