Does Your Injury Qualify For Legal Action? We Can Answer That Question!

You may be entitled to financial compensation in a medical malpractice action. We can help you fight for a settlement or lawsuit that includes lost wages, medical bills, ongoing healthcare and even punitive damages.

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Ryan LLP, Holds Hospitals and Doctors Accountable for Their Mistakes

Doctors and medical providers are just like any other professional – they can make mistakes. In fact, one recent study found that preventable harm to patients is the root cause for over 400,000 patient deaths per year. Unfortunately, medical errors can result in serious injury or illness in patients like you and your family.

Cleveland medical malpractice law firm Ryan, LLP doesn’t want you to pay for someone else’s carelessness or negligence. Ryan, LLP can help you with medical malpractice action involving children.

a few examples to take legal action against a doctor, hospital or medical facility

A Few Examples To Take Legal Action Against A Doctor, Hospital Or Medical Facility


Prescription errors

Your pharmacist can be held accountable for dispensing the incorrect prescription medication, providing the incorrect dosage or committing errors in patient directions.


Physician drug or alcohol

If your doctor or surgeon was under the influence of drugs or narcotics at the time he was treating you, they can be held liable for any errors made while treating you.


Surgical mistakes

Your surgeon and/or surgical team/hospital can be held liable for errors like performing surgery on the wrong body part or performing unnecessary surgery.


Physician negligence 

Your doctor can be held liable for failing to diagnose a serious illness, failing to properly treat a condition, failing to prescribe the right medication, and providing a misdiagnosis.


Plastic surgery errors

Your plastic surgeon can be held accountable for botched procedures, post-operative infections and numerous other acts of carelessness.

About Ryan LLP

Our mission is to give every client our full attention, sound advice and forceful representation at a carefully managed cost. We believe the results have set our firm apart.
Ryan LLP has undertaken its litigation practice on a very selective basis, pursuing only those claims which, after careful analysis, we conclude have genuine merit and the prospect of a substantial recovery for the direct benefit of our clients. The dedication, experience, and talent of the firm’s attorneys, as well as the resources and commitment of Ryan LLP to pursue worthwhile claims, ensure that we can and will vigorously and effectively prosecute actions against major corporations and the most prominent defense firms.

Act Now to Protect Your Right to Fair Compensation

Our team can talk to you about whether or not your case falls within the state’s guidelines for filing a medical malpractice action.
If you meet the standards, you may be eligible for damages that include: 
  • Medical costs
  • Loss of Consortium - (available in some cases for your spouse or family)
  • Permanant Injuries
  • ​Lost wages
  • ​Pain and suffering and
  • ​Punitive damages (available in some cases – ask your Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer for more details).
You can learn more about the compensation available to you during a free case evaluation offered by Ryan LLP.

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